I don’t collect much information from you – actively or passively – when you visit https://spunsimply.com, but it’s good to know the specifics:

Contact form

When you use this site’s contact form¬† a copy of your message and email address are saved in the site’s WordPress database. I back up these messages in case I somehow misplace your message when it comes through to my inbox. I’m the only person who has access to either the inbox or the database, and I won’t give your email address to anyone else unless you and I have discussed it first.


This site’s payment form is designed to allow you to easily pay for my services via credit card. In collects the bare minimum of information – your email address (so a receipt can be sent), your card number, its expiration date, and its security code.

I never see any of your credit card information – payments are processed by Stripe, an approved, secure payment processor, through their own computers. They have their own privacy policy which you can read here. (Heads up, it’s lengthy – remember, you’ve entered very little information, so most of it doesn’t apply.)

A record of two things – the amount of the payment, and your email address – is emailed to me, and saved in this site’s WordPress database. I hold it for bookkeeping purposes only, and again, none of your credit card information ever appears in these records.


I use Statify to keep track of site traffic. Unlike most analytics software, Statify does not use cookies, and does not collect any information about you, the site visitor. All that is recorded is the date of your visit, where you came from (e.g. a Google search; a link on another website), and the page you came to. As they say in their documentation, “Statify¬†counts site views, not visitors.”